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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things I Want To Try, But Shouldn't

Here are some of the things that I know I shouldn't do, but I really just wanna do it if for no other reason than to be able to say that I did them.

- Pulling a fire alarm
- Stealing a cop car
- An indoor slip and slide
- Punching my ex's new significant other
- Putting tin foil in the microwave
- Owning a pet monkey
- Streaking at the super bowl
- Saying exactly what I think for one whole day
- Going to class in a speedo
- Having daytime sex in the middle of a park
- Running through security at an airport
- Sex with a midget
- Jumping in the lion enclosure at the zoo to pet them
- Wearing 2 RC cars as skates
- Fake robbing a bank
- Pooping in a display toilet at the Great Indoors
- Punching a stranger
- Telling someone to “Fuck off” in a formal meeting
- Putting on a fake robbery in front of a police station
- Go around as a superhero fighting crime at night
- Disrobing on the podium at graduation
- Making a honking noise when grabbing boobs
- Running with the bulls
- Being a stuntman
- Seeing if I can survive in the wild, Tarzan style
- Stealing the Mona Lisa
- Asking a cop if he knows where I can buy weed
- Being in a high-speed chase
- Jumping up and ripping down the signs hanging from the ceiling at the airport or mall
- Intentionally getting fired on the first day of the job
- Smashing a computer monitor
- Jumping out of a second story window to see if I can “Land just right” so I don't break my legs
- Jumping out of a moving car
- Stand with an anti-protest sign in the middle of a protest crowd
- Hitting on a male cop to try and get out of a ticket.

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